Beginner’s Guide to Playing State of Survival

State of Survival plays like any other free-to-play MMORTS game, where players take on endless tasks to develop their base. The dilemma with this game is that nothing gets accomplished if the player becomes too overwhelmed with the tasks. This situation will result in players having a mediocre base prone to attacks and troops that cannot take down even a level 2 or 3 hordes.

With that said, it is important to have a solid strategy in tackling the challenges in State of Survival. If you have yet to start the game or are currently tangled in the scenario described above, we have a couple of tips that you should consider.

Tip 1: Organize Your Tasks

State of Survival PC features many tasks to keep you engaged in the game for hours. The clever thing about the game’s design is that it seamlessly transitions from tutorial to the main game. This means that you are already stuck in a situation where all your structures are poorly upgraded and you are doing advanced tasks ahead of your level. This scenario results in backtracking that can easily deplete your resources.

To avoid this scenario, you must begin planning or organizing your task after clearing the first chapter. The game will still recommend various tasks for you during this period. However, you must be vigilant and check on the level of your structures. You must have a clear plan for improving your buildings before doing the main missions.


State of Survival Game Quest Complete


Tip 2: Identify the Main Structures in Your Base

Once you are done with the task organization, your next task is to identify your camp’s main structures. Having a clear knowledge of the building’s functions in your camp will provide you an idea of which structure to upgrade first. Always remember that your mission in State of Survival is to build and improve your encampment. You can expand later once the game or one of your structures demands an expansion. Otherwise, it will not hurt your gameplay if you defy the game from time to time.

Tip 3: Don’t Rush When Playing State of Survival

State of Survival PC is a management/base-building game and not a racing game. It means that you should take your time and study the structures in your base. If you are in a rush to level up all your units and structures, then you might be ending up spending a lot of money on the game. So relax and enjoy the game.

Now that you know these tips, make sure to apply it when you play State of Survival on PC. If you want to test your newfound knowledge out, it’s best to try it on PC! Just download our version— it’s absolutely free!