Check Out The Newest Game Updates of State of Survival

State of Survival PC is an ever-developing title. Like the rest of the games in the market, the developers designed this game to last long. This is the reason why the game receives regular updates and content drops from the developers. If you have noticed, the game version changes continuously. That is because each update adds a number to the version to help you identify if you are playing the current version.

With that said, State of Survival PC, despite being an unblocked version of the game, does not miss any of these updates. Once you download this title, you can be sure that you are playing the latest version of the game. Currently, the latest version of the game is 1.9.36. In case you are wondering what the latest version brings into the fray, then feel free to check out the patch notes of the game below.


State of Survival Game Heroes


What Version 1.9.36 Has to Offer to SoS Players

In this new version, there are New Harvest Events added to the game. More than that, the Intel Post Interface Operation is now even smoother. Overall, the chunk of this new game update lies in the game optimizations. Among the things that were optimized include the in-game store experience, the performance of Capital Clash, the visual effects of the World and Settlement Maps, and the interface and animation effects of Ten Searches.

As you may have noticed, the latest update of the game focuses mainly on improvements and performance. In addition, a new event is also playable in the game. Ultimately, this new version improves every player’s gaming experience in SoS.

With that said, State of Survival PC Version 1.9.36 promises a more immersive game with new events to explore. Thus, enjoy one of the most popular MMORTS games with more quests, better graphics, and more fluid gameplay. If you are looking to play State of Survival online on your PC, click on the “Play for Free” button to download and play the game.