State of Survival Update: Overview of The Tree of Life event

A major content drop just made it to the apocalypse survival game State of Survival recently by its developer. The Tree of Life is a limited-time event that gives players the ability to acquire high-quality skins permanently. For those who somehow didn’t see the announcement, the Tree of Life is the main event of another ongoing event called Return from the Grave. This part will only be be available for eight days.

The Tree of Life is made up of four mini-events, all of which come with a recurring theme relevant to the main event. The Tree of Life, for starters, is connected to the ongoing “New Hope” narrative of the game. In one of the game’s heroes, a schoolgirl named Candy discovered the Selaginella plant’s healing effects.

So basically, The Tree of Life is an event made up of mini-events. Confused? Not to worry, as we will go through each of the Tree of Life mini-events. For the most part, mini-events reward players with watering cans, which are the main requirements for accessing the various rewards featured in the event.


State of Survival Tree of Life Event


State of Survival: The Green Hope Project

The first mini-event, called the Green Hope Project, features specific tasks that reward players with watering cans. These watering cans serve as the main currency used for accessing rewards in the event. Climbing up the leaderboards will also increase the chances of the player getting hold of more rewards.

The Infected Gardener

The Tree of Life event also features a special zombie called the Gardener. This special zombie, when destroyed, will drop a decent number of watering cans. That said, if you are falling short of watering cans, all you need to do is look for the aforementioned special zombie to get the items you need.

Going Green Event in State of Survival

The going green event is all up for daily tasks. The player must complete acquiring watering cans and other event rewards. This point means that you need to check this event every-day and complete each task for a shot at the Death and Rebirth Settlement Decoration.

Surprise Missions

The fourth mini-event called Nourish Hope features various surprise quests that award players with watering cans as well. Players who want to participate in the mini-event should keep a watchful eye on the missions or tasks featured in the game.

In addition to the Tree of Life Event, the new patch also comes with the usual bug fixes and adjustments commonly seen in version updates.

A Recap on the Previous Update

Before the Tree of Life, State of Survival hosted the Capricorn event to follow up to the Sagittarius event during the holidays. The Capricorn event delivered through Version 1.9.100 featured the “Medical Crisis: Trish’s Mission,” a point-based daily quest. The event rewards players with crates that are full with goodies that you can use in the game. Like the current patch, the previous update also optimizes the game’s online allies invitation process, making it more convenient for inviting peers.

The Capricorn event is one of the basic events that took place in the game regularly. However, the Tree of Life is a unique event that brings a new light into the game’s main narrative.


Tree of Life event


A Fresh Take on the Zombie-Apocalypse Genre

As you may have noticed, the new update steers the game in a new direction, which, from a third person’s perspective, is finding and going towards the light at the end of the tunnel. The inception of the new story arc is a fresh take on the saturated Zombie video game category. The integration of the message of hope and environmental elements is a twist in a zombie theme game.

It is a common concept in horror games to always end up in hopeless situations for sequels. On the other hand, the State of Survival is a continuously developing game, which means that it does not need a sequel. Thus, the developers can tweak the storyline to any direction they see fit.

The Tree of Life in the middle of a zombie apocalypse is an interesting concept. It’s not only an exciting idea but it also defies the norm of horror games. To that end, if you are looking for a decent zombie game, then why not try this? Come and try a unique narrative and new adventures ahead! Make sure to check out the new version of State of Survival on your PC now. If you still have no idea how to play the game, get some of the gameplay guides here for free!